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SRS OZONATION established in 2019 and is the leading Ozonator Manufacturer and Service provider. we manufacture High-Frequency Ozone Generator Card and Diffusion Based Ozonation System. we also deal in UV System, Ozone Cell. The guidance of Mr. DHARMVEER SHARMA, who has More than 12 Year of Experience of the Ozone Industry. His Ozonation skills help us have enabled us to gain a huge client base across the nation. that keep us remarkable position in the market.
We are manufacturer and service provider of ozone machines & High Frequency Cards. We use cost-saving and friendly technology. Our products and services are present in many different locations. We have both the highest quality equipment and the respective service. That meets each customer’s specific requirements.  It is design for easy installation & maintenance. which gives you the confidence you need in a cost effective way. Ozone gas is use to remove bacteria and viruses in dozens of industries for many years. It improves sanitation of surfaces, raw water, and processing wastewater. air treatment and odour control. Ozonation system use in wastewater treatment industries , bottled water companies and many more.
SRS OZONATION has experienced & trained team & ready to assist you. Our team provide to client support via telephone, or on-site service. Regardless of the brand of ozone generator you must help with. Please ask us about our recommended service. We are available to take a look at your equipment for repair needs as soon as you need us. Our team is aware of the demand to have an operational system at all times. Whether you need us on-site or would like to ship your equipment to us we are ready to help u. Are you concerned about your staff member’s ability to operate the equipment. Our team can assist u & provide the appropriate training needed. All the way from Ozone system operation and maintenance.

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We will drive growth through our excellent in manufacturing. We will leverage our relationship, distribution, cost leadership to become a global market leader in every life

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep supplying products with good quality and value, latest innovation and continuous improvement to be the world’s best Ozone Generator manufacturer

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