Ozone Generator for drinking water

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Ozone Generator for drinking water & ozonator machine for water

The Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator use of high-efficiency quartz tube, stainless steel inner pole, long service life, high efficiency, and energy-saving. we are industrial ozone generators manufacturer &  Service provider of all kinds of ozone solutions. the same power consumption, and high ozone output. power supply, large load, stable voltage output, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of equipment.

Our ozone generator is an advanced and convenient contaminant remediation product. High-powered oxidation in a compact, lightweight, rugged and simple design. Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed specifically to reduce odors, smells, viruses, mold and…

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Ozone Generator for drinking water

Ozone is a chemical form of pure oxygen. ozone is a strong oxidising agent. and is used to kill disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It is effective against most viruses & destroys bacteria and aromatic organic compounds. Ozone is also effective in eliminating or controlling colour, taste, and odor problems. It oxidizes iron and manganese.

When ozone is used in water, the water becomes ozonated. it is believed to have some therapeutic effects. Ozone is used in a variety of drinking or potable water treatment applications. and its use all over the world in the last five decades. Ozone Generators produce ozone in demand and its uses in various fields of industry.

Ozonation is an effective process for Packaged Drinking Water. and it is mandatory to package drinking products as the ISI Norms.

It offers benefits in both clinical and industrial spaces. It prevents cancer and fights free radicals in the body. It supports dental health and preserves food safety. ozone is widely used to purify their drinking water. Such as in industrial water plants or under medical supervision there’s evidence that ozonated water may be safe to drink. and used in some medical therapies. An ozone generator is a device that is used in the water treatment process. It removes chemicals that are mixed in water and makes the water clear.

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Ozone Generator for drinking water

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His experience & knowledge of the Ozonation skills have enabled us to gained a huge client-base across the nation that keep us remarkable position in the market. SRS OZONATION is ozone generator manufacturer and service provider of Ozone machines and High Frequency Card & we use cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology. Our products and services are nationally present in many different locations. That leadership is the result of having both the highest quality equipment and the individualized service that meets each customer’s specific requirements. Our system’s superior design assures consistent, reliable transfer of ozone into the water. It is designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance, giving you the confidence you need in a cost-effective way. Ozone has been used in dozens of industries for many years to improve sanitation of surfaces and piping, raw water purification, air treatment and odor control, wastewater treatment, bottled water company, and many …


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